Saturday, September 26, 2009

Raya - The Good & The Ugly

20hb September 2009

Its that time of the year again. Its Hari Raya Aidilfitri. How fast time flies. It seems like just yesterday we celebrated raya.

*The Good*
Our theme color was maroon. That was the best - shopping for our clothes. I love my baju kurung! Yes, this year my dear hubby requested me wearing baju kurung. I also love my accessories - they're black and and yet still glamourous. And paired with my sexy sexy heels...mmhmm...nice! Unfortunately, everyone forgot to take photos of us wearing it! Maybe later on la..

Mom's baju raya that we bought for her from Bangkok was beautiful and was beautifully made. Thank you Kim! You are the man (well, woman)!

I cooked. I missed cooking. And thank God I still got it! My fried macaroni and daging dendeng was great! Not forgetting, Achot's phenomenal, fiery rendang itik! Thanks Achot!

The open house was nice. Much thanks to thoese who came:

Mother, Mark & Terena, Kao Fu,Joey & Michelle

H & Jo

Ben Beh

Benny (and kids) & Danny


Ben Jern & Stella

You guys really made my day! I am happy you liked my cooking. Thank you soooo much!

I got great flowers for my late Dad. This year was roses. I got him this huge salmon orange big China roses. It was BEAUTIFUL! And to top it all off, i got 1 big plastic bag of pretty colorful rose petals! I love it! He deserved it. God! I miss him terrribly! Love you, Papa!

Last but not least of my good moments during raya was when my sister, my brother in law, my hubby and I 'bonded'. We chit chatted til wee hours of the morning - 4am!! Tuty and Feizal updated us (Rizal and I) about the their latest gossips, back stabbings in their political career. It was...err...interesting?Anyhoo, we exchange sotries of our travel antics! We laughed and laughed. It was great and definitely memorable. I cant remember when was the last time we talked this much without any arguments. I guess us meeting once in awhile helped us to be very civil towards each other, without killing each other!

*The Ugly*

Hmm...What can I say about this part.

I love these people in my life, but sometimes...aaarrrrgghhh!! (shouts real damn loud in frustration!)

My dear dear beloved hubby, Rizal - I love you to death but you gotta pay more attention and observe if I need a helping hand. I know you told me to let you know and instruct you on what to do, but sometimes whenI am in the momentum - its knda hard to do that. If you can be brilliantly observant and have high sense of initiative, why cant you try to apply the same in our marriage? We have talked about this, and I am so happy and touched that you understood and vowed to try to be more observant and pro active in helping me. I know you dnt knowingly and intentionnaly want to hurt me. I love you, yayang.

Alyssa - If you come for Raya to just sit on your ass and help your 'family'.. do me a favour, dont come back. I gave you 1 duty - beverage. And I am the one that keeps an eye on it and tell you what to do? I might as well do it myself. You only do 1 thing... oh God!

The least favourite moment I must say is on the 3rd day Raya, after my open house, with...Mum. First of all, you left with Tuty to go to the same house you visited on 1st day raya with me. And your in laws are coming!! Yes, it is my open house, and if its just my friends, I dont really mind. But your in laws are coming! Of course they asked for you. And on top of that, this was the first time mother coming to Raya without Father. How could you, mum? You should have seen Mother's face when she knows you werent around.. Both Rizal was sad and I was pist! It was so inconsiderate! *sighs*

Then when you come back, late, you were tired and decided to stupidly let it out on me! Over what you may ask? Over the fact that the table wasnt totally empty. The help went back at 6pm, it was way too early to keep everything just yet. Just in case there are late comers. But NO... You just had to bitch and bitch! That's it! I just...LOST it! I was tired too! So, I let it rip! I told her off about EVERYTHING in my head and heart! She kept quiet.

I have had enough. No more 'raya open houses'! It will just make me hate the people I love. But dont get me wrong, I will still cook, but at my own time, my own house.

Well, that was my Raya. No matter what happened, I am grateful for what I have.