Friday, February 27, 2009

Me, Myself and I...

I dont know how to describe how I feel the whole day today.

It all started after lunch at the office. I was alone at the marketing department. Halim went to Pontian and Mersing with Rizal, Alice went to Batu Pahat with Ben and John and Sita is out sick at home - virul fever.

I was left with H til about 4.30pm. It was weird. It was quiet, peaceful and slightly empty. I miss my crazy whackos! But I did get to finish quite a number of work. Maybe because I was more focused, less distractions. ;p

6.30pm - I rushed out of the office to go fix my car's air conditioner. Aru was so nice to wait for me. Thanks Aru! Glad that's done!

Then I bought my 'dinner' - coco crunch and milk, both low fat and healthy, not to mention yummy! After that I was 'adventure-ing' with Flickr. Still struggling a bit, I admit. But, I'll get it!

I am suppose to do ironing, yeah, i'l do it later. Dont worry! I'l get all your shirts ironed, baby!
Tomorow getting the house cleaned! I am preparing the house for my long trip to the east coast next week because Rizal will be at home and dont want the house to be too messy!

Anyhoooo, as usual, when night falls, I soooo feel Rizal's absence. I miss him. Miss him sooo much! But at the same time, i kinda like the time alone, to just gather my thoughts, able to be quiet for awhile (yes! I can be quiet!) and have some quality time with me. Time to think stuff that before this I dont have the right time to do. Not that I dont like company, but sometimes you must have time out from society to reflect, analyse and appreciate what has happened to you and what you have done.

But, I know the minute I am in bed, I will so miss you being beside me.

Cant wait to see you on Sunday, baby.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Roller Coaster Ride...

Where do I begin?

Great moments:

Found heaven on earth! It was breath taking! It was so beautiful that it brought me to tears! I am sooo retiring here. I have never felt so peaceful in my entire life. It may not be the perfect place for some people, but it is for me. It made me more driven to work my ass off, just so that I can own that piece of paradise and finally get to rest. I do pray to God, I achieve this goal of mine. Insya Allah...

Words could not describe how happy I was in this picture. I was in a very beautiful, serene place with the ones I love!

Not so great moments:

After getting all hyped up and energised from the trip to my lil heaven, I was jolted back to Earth when my car broke down. It was bad. And if persist on driving, it might have cost us our lives!But thank God! We managed to stop just at the right time. Thank you God, for loving us so much and protecting us.

Not forgetting those who ae Angels on Earth: Ah Yee, Yee Cheong and the mechanics.

Thank you.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Think... think...think...

16th February 2009.

Think... think....think.

Got lots to think about.

I seriously do not know how best to express how I feel right now.

I was really hoping I would get what I worked my ass for. But alas...

I guess I just didnt expect it to be this way.

I think its my fault. I expect to much from people. And the results is I constantly get disappointed.

I am not sure what exactly I feel. But one thing for sure, I know I am extremely sad and disppointed to the max!

My hands and lips was shaking due to the anticipation.

And when I got the news, my eyes were watery.

The weird part is they potray it as not a bad news.


I dont know how to react to that. I thought I did well. I guess not.

Calm down... take a deep breath.... you've been through worse.

Then why does this hurt more?

Miss u, My Angels!

I didnt realise how much i missed you guys until i saw u!

Looking at all of you make my heart ache because even though you are my flesh and blood, i feel i am restricted to show my full love and attention to you, fearing my own blood would feel......jealous! Stupid, i know....but....its true.

Each time i see all of you, I remember the times when you were small and so cute. All of you grow up in front of me. And especially for Aishah and Dijah, i help raise you. I bathe you, sing you to sleep, hold you when you are sad, laugh and play with you... God! I miss those times!
i hope and pray to God that you are happy and no harm befalls you. I always feel helpless and wish i can do more.

But today, i am so proud of my girls - Aishah, Dijah and Sarah. You all have grown up into such matured young ladies. But I am not sure if that is all together a good thing. Kids should never grow up too soon. You should be allowed to be kids - play, have fun and not worry of worldly stuff, so soon in your young life.

But you girls are matured due to cicumstances forces you too. Coz if not, you can just break down and... I dare not think what will happen. And I will always pray that day will never come.

All of you have no idea how much I love you!

I am willing to trade my life for all of you without a second hesitation!

I do hope you know that Daddy and I are here for you, always, for anything at all.

Love you guys sooooooooooo much!!!
Clockwise: Siti Khadijah, Feirish Nor, Siti Sarah and Siti Aishah.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"V" Day

14 February - The famous 'V' day....

What exactly is it?

Well, originally, its the time to show your love to your beloveds; parents, family, friends and of course, your lover how much you love them.

I used to really believe that we all should celebrate this day, grandly. Plans are made way before time to ensure things go smoothly and perfectly.

But after awhile, i noticed, this lovely day is being fully manipulated by the florists and gift shops as well as the F&B outlets. Everything is sooo overpriced and commercialised. Not too mention the 'sense of duty by the men' to celebrate it. Gone the love and warmth. They just feel that they have to celebrate and plan the most perfect (and most expensive!) in order not to get in 'trouble' later. Dinner, movies and of course not forgetting 'The Gift'! If the guy pick out some practical gift, the girl would get all sensitive and sulk. WTF?!

Now, I cant say i am a non-believer. But I truly belive Love should be shown and celebrated EVERYDAY. Because you may never know what will happen in between now until valentine's. And I also believe Valentine's is not restricted to happy couples. It should be among family and close friends. Idealically, we should spread the love to the less fortunate as well - the orphans, the old folks and the less priviledged.


Anyhooo.... coming back to the real world....

I had a simple and yet meaningful day with my hunny. In fact, its rather funny and unconventional.

We went to The Curve to have lunch and then watch movie. And we plan to drop in to see and give support to Phabes and the Pagi Show gang because they are holding a speed dating thingy. Thought it might be fun.

Unfortunately they didnt get the crowd that they want and on top of that, some of the male contestants chickened out at the very last minute. So, they were being replaced by their own crew. I went to say hello to Phabes and he told me what happen and asked where is Rizal. At that time he was smoking outside. I gave Phabes the idea to get Rizal to go for the speed dating. Phabes was soo grateful and grabbed the opportunity because he was forced to be one of the contestants.

So, Rizal went for it. And i was cheering on the side. The Pagi Show was so surprised that I allowed and was very cool about it. After all, it was Valentine's Day. But i was totally ok with it. In fact, i told and sort of dared Rizal by saying this is the time for him to practice and show his power of 'ayat-ing'! Below is Rizal with Nadia. Pity her, she had a really freakishly weird and creepy stalker that refuse to leave her alone! Eeew! Really scary! Anyway, after that, we went for lunch with them at Tony Roma's.

After our free lunch, we watched Valkyrie. It was surprisingly good. Was definitely enlightened about the German soldiers at that time. Hm..

Then it is the best time - shopping for our Valentine gifts. After a major let down, because The Curve sucks when it comes to variety of shopping outlets, we decided to take a look at One Utama.

Finally, we found it. I have been waiting for a LONG time for this. And i dont care if its for Valentine's or even on a normal Monday...I must have it. And i got it, at last! Thanks my love!!

I bought for Rizal Polo Sports perfume by Ralk Lauren. Its so very nice!! I also bought this really cool sunglasses!

We had a great time!

Saturday, February 7, 2009



Getting my car tinted and serviced now.

I am so bored out of my mind! Its making me feel sleepy!

I guess is not that bad considering I am online now. But still....! And my laptop battery can only last me short time...

My other half is in weird funky mood that I cant seem to shake it off him. *sighs* Oh well...

Note to self: Must learn to control myself better and not expect to much of others! (only I would understand this note!)

I guess I just have to entertain myself..

On a brighter note, this monday is Chap Goh Mei! :D

But my 'royal highness' havent decided yet whether we are going to mother's or not.

I am sooo blessed to have such great in laws! They are so nice, attentive and caring. I am looking forward to playing mahjong with my mother and father in law.
Now, lets just hope my 'king' feels the same way and decide. ;D

To Be Continued...

Friday, February 6, 2009


Its a shame that 'someone' do not know how to prioritise!

That someone always preaches that must always know whats most important and not give fuckin excuses! If you really know how important that thing is, why cant you just find a way and do it?! And if you're just godamn fuckin lazy to do it, dont give fuckin hell stupid excuses!

Maybe that someone do not think of the thing is really all that important! Then tell me! Coz i cant read your fuckin mind la fucker! And sadly, i dont ask for much, just that, and you cant even do that!

I hate people like that! And i especially hate people that do not practice what they preach!

I WAS having a good day. I had laughs with my crazy colleagues (as usual la!) and did some small training and they got it and was pumped. Thats great! Then, the stupid mother fucker had to spoil it!

I am sure that 'someone' knows who I am talking about coz that someone will really feel the spicyness, kao kao punye!!

Fucking hell spoiled my fucking day!

Thanks a lot laa!!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Productive Day!

Today, the 'big cats' are not around.

But us 'rats' were given tonnes of work to do. Which is great! It will definitely help boost the sales. Which will definitely benefit us!

It took them quite awhile to get into the groove of 'harrassing' members for appointments. But after much 'persuasion', they work like slaves! *whip whip* ;D

On a lighter note, we have got our mini friend, Alice to start a blog! Her blog is as cute as her! It would definitely be a very interesting read as we can see different side of her (hopefully!).

As you can see, I have 'pimped' up my blog! I LOVE it! It looks sooo cool! Now, this layout reflects my true personality!

Eat your heart out, people!! (Jgn jeles!!)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home


I'm home, at last.

All this while i never fully appreciate my lil home. Its cozily small and simple.

But after travelling so much... I miss home sooooooo much!

My bed, my toilet, my kitchen, my living room... everything!

And especially my lil fishies. I lost 1 already. It broke my heart. I am gonna stock up a lot of food the next time I'm out travelling again. Cant loose anymore of my 'babies'.

I miss my mum too. Its been awhile since I saw her.

I'm gonna buy new sofas - 1 from my sister (royal blue sofa bed) and the other.... not sure yet. High chances we're gonna buy it at Cavenci. Its got simple and very zen like looking furnitures. With very cool bold colours. And most importantly, cheap! Just the way I like it.

Well, will update you guys about that.

Oh, by the way... we stopped at Desaru, Johor. Its got very nice beach. We took pictures of course. Sorry Alice, Halim. :p