Sunday, February 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home


I'm home, at last.

All this while i never fully appreciate my lil home. Its cozily small and simple.

But after travelling so much... I miss home sooooooo much!

My bed, my toilet, my kitchen, my living room... everything!

And especially my lil fishies. I lost 1 already. It broke my heart. I am gonna stock up a lot of food the next time I'm out travelling again. Cant loose anymore of my 'babies'.

I miss my mum too. Its been awhile since I saw her.

I'm gonna buy new sofas - 1 from my sister (royal blue sofa bed) and the other.... not sure yet. High chances we're gonna buy it at Cavenci. Its got simple and very zen like looking furnitures. With very cool bold colours. And most importantly, cheap! Just the way I like it.

Well, will update you guys about that.

Oh, by the way... we stopped at Desaru, Johor. Its got very nice beach. We took pictures of course. Sorry Alice, Halim. :p