Monday, February 16, 2009

Miss u, My Angels!

I didnt realise how much i missed you guys until i saw u!

Looking at all of you make my heart ache because even though you are my flesh and blood, i feel i am restricted to show my full love and attention to you, fearing my own blood would feel......jealous! Stupid, i know....but....its true.

Each time i see all of you, I remember the times when you were small and so cute. All of you grow up in front of me. And especially for Aishah and Dijah, i help raise you. I bathe you, sing you to sleep, hold you when you are sad, laugh and play with you... God! I miss those times!
i hope and pray to God that you are happy and no harm befalls you. I always feel helpless and wish i can do more.

But today, i am so proud of my girls - Aishah, Dijah and Sarah. You all have grown up into such matured young ladies. But I am not sure if that is all together a good thing. Kids should never grow up too soon. You should be allowed to be kids - play, have fun and not worry of worldly stuff, so soon in your young life.

But you girls are matured due to cicumstances forces you too. Coz if not, you can just break down and... I dare not think what will happen. And I will always pray that day will never come.

All of you have no idea how much I love you!

I am willing to trade my life for all of you without a second hesitation!

I do hope you know that Daddy and I are here for you, always, for anything at all.

Love you guys sooooooooooo much!!!
Clockwise: Siti Khadijah, Feirish Nor, Siti Sarah and Siti Aishah.


Michelleee said...

Siti Aishah Is so pretty already :')
Havent see her in a long time already :)