Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Waka Waka

yeah yeah....i follow World Cup.... dont act so surprise! there's lots of things that i like and dont like is still a mystery to many and this is one of it.

i support a couple of teams but my ultimate is Argentina.

i cant really seem to remember when exactly i start supporting them, but i think when i saw them playing in a league of some kind and when i saw those handsome well built men running around all sweaty...hmm...enough said.

then after the initial reaction of drooling, i saw how they played... so smooth, so skillfull and so talented!

My favourite is Messi. he is so cute! hehehhe....

But alas my favourite team lost to the 'Trees' Germans! *sobs*

But my babies put up a great fight, not giving up even when it will only take a miracle for them to win the match.

but i have to admit that the Germans is a formidable opponent! with their strong defense + fast counter attacks - they deserve to win.

in the past, Argentina would have done better but somehow that match, they were not in their A-Game mode.

Well, at least they won to my third favourite team - Germany. it was pretty hard for me when they were scheduled to compete against each other so soon. i love them both. i was hoping they would meet in the finals...but alas...

well, these are the teams i support in World Cup in order of most favourite to least.

1. Argentina
2. Brasil
3. Germany
4. Portugal
5. Spain

Well, now to see if any of my favourite teams left in the semi finals will win the cup!