Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Comrades....

I have new comrades...

They are certainly colorful and therefore entertaining.

First of the lot is Yeong Yin (standing, on the left). She is quite a character. She is a handful to handle for the common people. She looks and acts tough, but I can read right through her. Inside she is a good and caring person. She maybe a little rough but she means no harm. People have to learn to see pass that, and give time for her to warm up to you. YY, I thank you for your patience in teaching me the ropes in Market Research and I hope you would continue doing so. Love our lil 'fights' and looking forward for more!

Next is the youngest chick in this crazy bunch..Reena (sitting beside me). This very young lady is nice, warm and a good friend to have. She maybe a little naive and emotional, but what girl her age isnt. My advise to you my dear young friend, in life you cant takes things too personally. If not, you cant survive in this big mean cynical world. I thought I had more time to see you 'grow', but since you are leaving, I wish you all the best things in this world. I am always here for you, both career wise and personally. Take care and keep in touch.

Last but certainly not least, my partner in crimes (well, in the office laa!), Mei Lyn (standing behind me). You are the most colorful in our gang. You represent all colors that I know of. You are extremely nice, accomodating, patient and yet still able to be crazy and 'layan' my vulgar bitchy self! You are the only one in the office that can relate to my personality. I am sooo glad you join us. Here's to lots of years more to come! Let's hit the world and show those morons that under estimate us, what we are made of and flip them the finger, proudly!

Thanks guys... See you in the office!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What a shame...

What is it with kids nowadays?

They want so much to be adult far too fast. Why cant they just enjoy their youth while they still can? Dont they know, life is too short? Before you know it, you're 40, at home, reminiscing your younger days and wishing you had enjoyed life better.

I am blessed that I dont have that problem. But I do know a lot of people who are like that, regreted that they took their younger days way too seriously.

I know we dont get to choose who and what effects our life and we cant control the some of the problems in our life. But I do know from experience is that you do have control of how you live your life and how you handle the hurdles that come your way. In fact if you are matured and calm enough, no problems are problems. They are just things to test your endurance and outlook of life. And also just another color to add to your life and making your personality and character much more interesting.

Can you imagine life going so absolutely smoothly that you dont experience any pain or hardship? That would be one hell of a boring life!

I have made mistakes in my life and I also was bombarded with shitty things. But I wouldnt trade all those shitty things for anything in the world! Because if not for all those things, I wouldnt be this strong bitch that is extremely happy with life now.

Even after I lost my beloved dad, I know things happen for a reason. And life have a strange way of getting better especially after a really bad ordeal. Its just whether you choose to see it or not.

What makes me sick is that people always blame God for their horrible incidents in life and sit on their ass and wait for God to solve it! If life is that easy, the word success means nothing.

In short, you always have choices. And life is not as shitty as you think. It would only be miserable and shitty if you choose to think that way.

So, take a deep breath and smile. And trust me, life would not be so gloomy.

Remember, there are always others who are worse off than you. So, count your blessings and stop whining and bitching.

Live life to the full!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Aloha Life!

As I light a cigarrete, I was thinking of what to write.

It has been so long and so many things happened; good and bad, work and personal.

Now, where do I start?

I am happy.

Truly happy.

Work: Busy!! But happy!
I am at my element at work. I love what I do and quite damn good at it. And on top of that, my work is recognized and appreciated. What more can I ask for? I can actually see myself excel in this line. I finally found what I am truly good at and love doing it! And trust me, thats very rare for me. Yey for me!

Personal: All is coming together, slowly but beautifully.
Rizal finally got a job that he loves and able to see himself in a career that he can specialise in. He is finally recognized for what he is. At last! And most importantly, he is happy. Its been awhile since I see that sparkle in his eyes. Well done, my love!

And on top of that, we are no longer just scraping by, month by month.

We finally get to do something that we both love but unable to do for a few years... Shopping!

We didnt go crazy, still in a tight budget but still, its great to finally have the money to buy the basics, what others take for granted, like pants and shirts. Almost every piece of clothing we have are so worn, I was a bit embarressed at my first day at work, but its ok. I just toughen up and move on.

Now, my wardrobe reflects my true taste and style.

It goes the same for Rizal. Bought him new shirts, pants and ties. After all, he is HOD now, he should look like one.

So, in short, things are going pretty well for me. Alhamdullilah.

I just wish Dad was here. He would be so proud of the two us. But in a way, I have this feeling that he knows whats happening and proud of us.

Alhamdullilah... May God bless and protect us, always.