Monday, May 10, 2010

b a r e l y f l o a t i n g


it has been almost 2 months since i last blogged.

its not that i dont have anything to blog, i just dont have the time!

especially of late i am a one woman show in my department. everyday, i have tonnes to do and very little time to finish them all! i dont even notice how time flies so fast.

my days are so full that most of the time in these past few months i feel like i am just floating by. i feel like i can hardly breathe. and in extreme times i feel like im struggling to keep myself afloat. i feel like each time i am finally able to breathe easy, theres always elements to push me back in the water.

i am so fucking tired.

tired of bullshit that people give me.

tired of being underestimated.

tired of being taken for granted.

tired of being unappreciated.


there is so much more to tell but i dont know where to begin.

work, personal, family....

the usual headaches... but also some extremely happy moments in between! :D

wont do the report now....too exhausted.

but soon ....very soon...

and lets hope that time does not jet thru my life to another 2 months! :P