Sunday, January 10, 2010

Andrenalin pumping cumsss!!!

It was phenomenal!

Beyond words!

For the first time in my life, i placed 100% trust on another driver and get to totally enjoy the high andrenalin pumping experience of my life!!

I was in the passenger seat with Tengku Djan - Asia's Drift King - drifting for 2 glorious rounds!

At first, truth be told, i was mind numbingly scared as i am so used to and love driving and only trust myself to drive. When others drive - i get car sick!

But i closed my eyes for a few seconds and repeatedly told myself to trust Djan, he is a professional, he is the best....and then...OMG!

It words can do it justice! I actually get to see for myself, a glimpse of what its like when Djan drifts!

He was so cool, composed, naturally turning, changing gears...its as if he was born to drift! Now i truly understand why he is the best in Asia.

And to complete the whole 'package' he is extremely nice and accomodating, always have that charming yet cheeky smile, and so patient with some very fanatical fans' demands.

And when i say fans - oh man has he got fans from all walks of life! From the usual 'adoring' young male adults, screaming chickadees (me included), to (shockingly!) very unexpected fan/stalkers!! There are 2 good examples that i saw for myself: a tudung-wearing-married-with-kids-matured-serious-looking 'kakak' to small, scrawny, geeky, serious hard core guy that in my opinion the word 'fan' is so far from what he is that it is a dot to him!!

But i dont blame those fanatics to be sooo engrossed with Djan. He is a total package! Great drifter, great personality with great looks!

I am so proud that he is representing Federation D and of course - Malaysia!

Will defeinitely update more in the future! And it is much easier for me because i was just offered by H to be formally involve in Federation D to handle all their events and sponsorships!!! He is giving me some allowance for that! Which to me by surprise as i was willing to do it for free because i love events like this and love organising it! Well, thats hitting 2 birds with 1 stone! Alhamdulillah...

Next event is in Jakarta! Dont know yet if I'm going, but u sure hope i do!! :D

I am sooo fucking happy!!