Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ni How Ma...


Its a company trip. We will have our Recognition Day on the 17th October 2009 at Armada Hotel, PJ. Then we must be at the airport before 10pm.

I am sooooo excited!! Its my first time going to China and I have heard great stuff about it! And the best part is, I get to share it with my beloved hubby.

We'r going for 4D/3N. We'r going to Shanghai and Hangzhou. We are gonna visit our plant there - which is super cool!

Ooooh, I cant wait!!



And you guys know what this means right? SHOPPING!!! (oh God! I need HELP!)

Will definitely update after I come back!! :D

Raya - The Good & The Ugly

20hb September 2009

Its that time of the year again. Its Hari Raya Aidilfitri. How fast time flies. It seems like just yesterday we celebrated raya.

*The Good*
Our theme color was maroon. That was the best - shopping for our clothes. I love my baju kurung! Yes, this year my dear hubby requested me wearing baju kurung. I also love my accessories - they're black and and yet still glamourous. And paired with my sexy sexy heels...mmhmm...nice! Unfortunately, everyone forgot to take photos of us wearing it! Maybe later on la..

Mom's baju raya that we bought for her from Bangkok was beautiful and was beautifully made. Thank you Kim! You are the man (well, woman)!

I cooked. I missed cooking. And thank God I still got it! My fried macaroni and daging dendeng was great! Not forgetting, Achot's phenomenal, fiery rendang itik! Thanks Achot!

The open house was nice. Much thanks to thoese who came:

Mother, Mark & Terena, Kao Fu,Joey & Michelle

H & Jo

Ben Beh

Benny (and kids) & Danny


Ben Jern & Stella

You guys really made my day! I am happy you liked my cooking. Thank you soooo much!

I got great flowers for my late Dad. This year was roses. I got him this huge salmon orange big China roses. It was BEAUTIFUL! And to top it all off, i got 1 big plastic bag of pretty colorful rose petals! I love it! He deserved it. God! I miss him terrribly! Love you, Papa!

Last but not least of my good moments during raya was when my sister, my brother in law, my hubby and I 'bonded'. We chit chatted til wee hours of the morning - 4am!! Tuty and Feizal updated us (Rizal and I) about the their latest gossips, back stabbings in their political career. It was...err...interesting?Anyhoo, we exchange sotries of our travel antics! We laughed and laughed. It was great and definitely memorable. I cant remember when was the last time we talked this much without any arguments. I guess us meeting once in awhile helped us to be very civil towards each other, without killing each other!

*The Ugly*

Hmm...What can I say about this part.

I love these people in my life, but sometimes...aaarrrrgghhh!! (shouts real damn loud in frustration!)

My dear dear beloved hubby, Rizal - I love you to death but you gotta pay more attention and observe if I need a helping hand. I know you told me to let you know and instruct you on what to do, but sometimes whenI am in the momentum - its knda hard to do that. If you can be brilliantly observant and have high sense of initiative, why cant you try to apply the same in our marriage? We have talked about this, and I am so happy and touched that you understood and vowed to try to be more observant and pro active in helping me. I know you dnt knowingly and intentionnaly want to hurt me. I love you, yayang.

Alyssa - If you come for Raya to just sit on your ass and help your 'family'.. do me a favour, dont come back. I gave you 1 duty - beverage. And I am the one that keeps an eye on it and tell you what to do? I might as well do it myself. You only do 1 thing... oh God!

The least favourite moment I must say is on the 3rd day Raya, after my open house, with...Mum. First of all, you left with Tuty to go to the same house you visited on 1st day raya with me. And your in laws are coming!! Yes, it is my open house, and if its just my friends, I dont really mind. But your in laws are coming! Of course they asked for you. And on top of that, this was the first time mother coming to Raya without Father. How could you, mum? You should have seen Mother's face when she knows you werent around.. Both Rizal was sad and I was pist! It was so inconsiderate! *sighs*

Then when you come back, late, you were tired and decided to stupidly let it out on me! Over what you may ask? Over the fact that the table wasnt totally empty. The help went back at 6pm, it was way too early to keep everything just yet. Just in case there are late comers. But NO... You just had to bitch and bitch! That's it! I just...LOST it! I was tired too! So, I let it rip! I told her off about EVERYTHING in my head and heart! She kept quiet.

I have had enough. No more 'raya open houses'! It will just make me hate the people I love. But dont get me wrong, I will still cook, but at my own time, my own house.

Well, that was my Raya. No matter what happened, I am grateful for what I have.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


no...she is not an alien being from another planet that has super powers.

she is just a human being, flesh and bone...

this super woman is a very close and long time friend of mine. i dubbed her this title because of what she went through, what she is going through and about to go through. if strength has a face, it would be hers for sure.

it took all of her to keep it together for so long, while going through the life she is leading. even though many said she should have dumped it all and start over, she didnt because of many important, over looked reasons. she tough it out and gave it another shot. for that, she has my highest respect. because it wasnt easy, at all.

but now, she said "ENOUGH!". and i dont blame her. if she were to stay, it would break her. it would make her hate herself and life. and i really dont want that to happen, she has a beautiful soul with an amiable yet cheeky personality. i really do not know how she manage to be sane still after what had happened. how she is still a loving doting mother even after a mega headache problem just dropped on her.


you deserve so much more. better things... you deserve happiness.

i guess its time my dear friend. its time to HIJRAH. start over, for your kids sake and especially for your sake.
its not the end of the world. in fact, you are opening a door to a whole new, and hopefully better world.

please know that no matter what you decide and do, i will be here for you, til eternity.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the BEST snack ....ever!

This is by far the best TEMPEYEK i have ever tasted! It is sooooooooooo nice! Its very crunchy, with lots of anchovies and ground nuts.

The one factor that determines whether the TEMPEYEK is delicious or not is the flour used and iwth what spice, and all with the right amount. Not forgetting the quality of the anchovies and good fresh nuts.

It is very addictive! Once you start eating it, you cant stop! You can finish the whole jar without you realising it and you will be wanting more.


its a delicious, heavenly, mouth watering snack!! YUM! :P

Monday, September 14, 2009

ventings of an irritated bitch

a recent incident happened to a dear friend of mine that provoked me to release this deep frustration inside me.

as soon as there is a sniff of someone is in a very serious, life changing dilemma, people will start to give advise as if they are living that person's life.

what the hell is wrong with these "people"??

1 advise come from a person that just know her and i am still very unclear and suspicious about his presence and intentions in her life. and i think you should not give advise if you are doing what you are doing to your own family! so, fix your own life before trying to advise others.

and the other smarty pants - *sighs*. i know her intentions are good, but hey, you have never been in any financial crisis in your entire life to know how it feels like to eat rotten food because you are dead broke! you are in a life that allows you to live leisurely, and tend to your child. i am happy for you, truly i am, but dont pretend to understand how it feels like to make that hard decision. because you will never understand it unless you have gone through it.
for example - kids. i never try to even understand how it feels like to go through preganancy, child birth or even being a mother. because im not one. so i usually tell what my sister or mother did if forced togive an opinion. otherwise, i shut the fuck up. i know my place.

cant people just b a good friend - shut up and let her see inside her heart and let HER decide what is good for her and her family? do u like others giving u "guided and biased advise" on how to run your life??

i am not saying that i know her so well either. even though our life pattern are quite alike and that i know her most of my life, but i dare not claim to know her THAT well. no one does. not even her own mother! because everyone has something they leave for themselves. its called intimate thoughts, and its meant to be inside someone's heart and mind. not for others to probe, dissect and analyse. we all have our own point of view and own way of life and brains to think for ourselves. if we were to make mistakes, hey, at least we have no one to blame but our own self. and if we succeed, we will be proud to have decided it on our own, and the feeling is.....undescribable. i have tasted it, and now am an addict. i shall make my own decisions, good or bad. i will politely listen to others ramble on and try to shove their ideas down my throat.. but no more for me. i am my own person.

look, im not saying that we cant give advise at all. just dont make it biased to how you would do it. instead, give her a few words of encouragement and try to make her look in her heart and mind, and decide for herself. the reason why people sometimes depend on other people's opinion is that they are afraid. afraid of making mistakes and afraid of being ridiculed for it. so, just assure them that no matter what their decisions are, we will be there for them. that is how we all learn to be on our own self, and if God willing, be happy in our skin, and able to stop pretending to be happy!

i know this venting would offend people, but hey, i am the type that speaks my mind. to those who are offended, you have a choice not to be apart of my life.
for you , my dear dear, soft hearted friend, its time. time for you to take charge of your life. make up your own mind.

i'l be here for matter what....always. Love you.

Its time

When I read her blog, I was all teary and speechless. I wasnt surprised and I have prepared myself for this day, but still it hit me like hurricane Katrina and an earthquake all in 1 .

I was sad of what happened to her and will never keep her away from her family, but...

Logically and professionally, I have listed several back ups that seem sound. But personally, my heart is broken.

These are those rare times that I dont know how to express myself.

No matter how much it hurts me, I will always support her in whatever her decisions may be.

You will forever be not only a mere cousin, you are my best friend and soul sister.

Love you, ya stappit whore!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Gang

~ Friday, 11 September 2009 ~
~ Tony Roma's, Cineleisure Damansara ~
~ 6.30PM ~

Last night was great!

Its been awhile since the gang hung out. I miss them sooo much!

I asked Sita to join as well. The gang also asked for her. I am so happy my friends likes her and make her feel belong. And I am glad Sita enjoyed herself and I hope she now see why Rizal and I love these few best friends of ours. They are a gem!

Other than the gang, Andy and gf as well as Don and gf Tricia was there too.

It was fun..and especially hillarious when Sita and Shaffik sat next to each other!!! Both are like the court jesters!!

The only missing people are Dinesh and Haiza. Miss them.

Shaffik and Q - Hmm, highly disturbing.. :D

The gang surprised me with a birthday cake and sang the song... so sweet!!!

Diane - a very great friend and lil sister. Each time I am with you, I feel loved. And I am extremely grateful to have met you. I hope we will be great friends forever! Thanks for everything beb!

Diane and Q bought me this for my birthday!! I absolutely love it!!!

All and all, the food was great, and accompanied with great friends...sighs. Thanks so much guys!

Especially my lil bro Q, that was suppose to go back to Segamat yesterday, but delayed it to have dinner with us. So sweet of you , dik. Thanks so much!! That was really touching. You are truly a lil brother that I never had and I am lucky to have found you.

And that night i have new profound respect and admiration for a friend of mine - Shaffik. You sure as hell showed those idiots in VADS what they have lost! They are stupid for not appreciating your efforts and passion at work. They way you resign 24 hours and having to pay THEM.... what can I say. That takes a strong firm spine and lots of guts and balls!! You walk the talk. You dont just bitch and bitch.. and within time conform and become the very people that you despise. You take action. And not just any normal-still-in-comfort zone-action, but daring with new challenges, uncharted territories, the uncertainty. Wow! Hats off to you beb! I pray nothing but abundance of happiness and wealth!!

Well, thats my gang! All are strong in their own way. All very colorful and beautiful.

Stay the way you are, gang. Love you all!!

Happy Birthday....


This is a very important date for me and those who knew and loved this great man.

Even though 6 years has passed, he is still missed by many. The sense of loss is still very intense.

It felt like just yesterday that I lost you. I have no regrets as I have spent a lot of quality time with you, but nonetheless... I still feel like its not enough. I have so much more to talk, share and give to you. Things that I should, want and need to do for you.


I know many said to me that 'you are in a better place', 'you are no longer in pain' and etc... I know this is selfish of me to want this, but I want you here with me, now.

You are a very big influence in my life. I wouldnt be where I am if not for what you have thought me and shown me by example.

I am extremely proud of him. Many feel the same way, too.

I miss you, terribly. My heart breaks into a million pieces each time I see or hear anything that reminds me of you.

Love you forever .... Dad.

Al - Fatehah

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dream List - Updates

Here are updates to my dream list.

d.r.e.a.m c.a.r




ooohhh....if i have all three...i would soooo cum!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!! :P

d.r.e.a.m h.a.n.d.p.h.o.n.e


I sooooooooo want this phone!!! Soon, real soon......u'l be mine, baby!!!

d.r.e.a.m l.a.p.t.o.p


soooo verrry nice!! I LOVE this!! Soon.....grrr!! :p

Ok, that's all for now folks! Will update you more later, if there is more la...

Monday, September 7, 2009


These numbers marked my 32nd year..

Yes, I am no chickadee (young girl la!), but I still feel like one! And if I have a choice to go back in time and change anything, I wont. I have no regrets. Even the shitty experiences, because that helps to build my current character.

Its true la what people say, age is just a number. Its how you live your life that's important. Rizal always said no point in being young but you look old, its better to be older but look very young.

I agree 200%!!

This year has been a good year for me. Things are steadily going up and I am as happy as I can be! Yes, it may not be filled with my dream wishes, but what's most important is that I am freakingly happy. Now that is priceless and not available in a departmental store!

I would like to thank those who have stood by me through good and bad times:



Alhamdulillah... I am truly grateful to be blessed with such wonderful people in my life. It may be a few of you but you are the rare gem of people that doesnt judge me and accept all of me, good and bad.

Thank you sooo much, from the bottom of my heart.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Dream List

I was telling Sita about what I bought during the weekend. And as we were talking, we got to talk about our dream list (wish list for Sita!).

Here is just some of an immediate Dream List that I would soooo wish to come true.

d.r.e.a.m w.a.r.d.r.o.b.e
I would love the walk in type, with everything well organised and categorised and with lots and lots of mirrors!! Here are just a glimpse of what I have in mind..

d.r.e.a.m k.i.t.c.h.e.n
This is where it all begins for me because I LOVE TO COOK!! And I can cook quite good too! But I am rather fussy when it comes to the condition of where I am cooking. So, this would be where most of my budget would go to. Below are some idea of what I love about a kitchen!

d.r.e.a.m b.e.d.r.o.o.m
Aaaah.....this is where the magic happens! And of course it is extremely crucial for a couple's well being! This is where, I believe, one of the main contributing factors for continuous 'heat' of the marriage...

d.r.e.a.m c.a.r
I know most of you may think that like any other girls, my dream car would be some small sports car. But hey, I am no ordinary common girl. ;D This is my ultimate dream car.... Hummer H3!!

d.r.e.a.m b.r.a.n.d.e.d s.h.o.e.s
Jimmy Choo - enough said.

Last but certainly not least....

d.r.e.a.m b.o.d.y
This is what I aim for. Lets see if my will power is that strong! I am hoping (with tonnes of help of course!!) I will achieve it! If yes, watch out hunn!! :p

Well, that's it.....for now! Will definitely update the list, whenever something pops in my head!