Friday, March 9, 2012

am i back?

well, i guess i am back to blogging. (or i sure hope i would stick to it much longer, this time!)

i dont know why but when i'm extremely stressed or depressed, i cant express it via a blog. maybe because theres no exact words to describe how i feel when all those shit happened to me.

So why am i blogging again? I have no clue. I just felt the sudden urge to blog.

for now i'm just expressing my confusion on why i am back to blogging. i will come back when i am ready to fully express myself.

sorry....i thought i was ready, i guess not.

Monday, March 21, 2011



it has been that long since i last blogged! i had a long streak of 'not in the mood'! i just didnt want to talk or blog about anything.

so many things happened - good and bad. well, mostly bad, real bad. that pushed me over the edge to not blog! i know its weird because most people want to express themselves especially during trying times but me, i just curled up and went on silent mode.

now i got that sllighbt tick to blog about some of the things that have happened in my life. some if not all.

the problem is i just dont know where to start.

danm it!

oh well, this blog would be a good start i guess. cant straight away spill out all my gutts! hehehe..

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beijing - Part 4


Beijing is a definite shopping haven!! I LOVE shopping here! We only get to go to 3 places out of numerous heavenly places to shop your heart out!

Silk Market

The variety of boots here is....OMG! To die for! Its like I am in shoe heaven!!

I bought 2 UGG boots here. Before you jump to the idea that its counterfeit, ITS NOT! Its original, straight from the factory here, and therefore its freakingly CHEAP!


We forgot to take pictures inside the market. To best surmise it is the place to go to buy cheap knick knacks as souvenirs for your loved ones at home!

We took a coffee break at this cute lil al fresco cafe...

...and this quite cute Chinese waiter! Diane was smiling and we were both all smiley and saying: Ni How Ma.. ahahahahahahah!!

Next is Panjiayuan Market

It is an old district of shopping haven for antiques. The architecture is... wow!

This is a pure fur shop. I know, I know its wrong but OMG! They are exquisite!! Check out Diane with that REAL stuffed wolf!

Well thats just a bit of the shopping nirvanas in Beijing! Cant wait to go back there again! Yes, I am going back there again - TO SHOP!!