Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Hour!

Its been so long! I am craving for it!

And at last, I got my fix!


I miss playing mahjong with my mother and father in laws! Its a hoot!

But father wasnt well, he has terrible cough and is extremely thin. Gave him products to boost his body back. I do hope he will get better.

Mother is, well, like mother. She is her usual funny loud self. I didnt realise how much I miss them until I passed Ampang on the way to Janda Baik.

Oh ya, Rizal insist on bringing me to this chinese restaurant at Janda Baik. It serves great vege dishes and yummy fish dishes too. Will definitely want to bring Sita and Alice there on the way back to KL from Kuala Terengganu next week. I wonder if they are open for lunch? Hmm... (will find out).

I got to eat mother's fried noodle which I sooo LOVE! Its so simple but so delicious! I miss simple food!

I am so fortunate that I am surrounded and pampered by loved ones; my beloved hubby, mum and parents in law.

Thank you God! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Extremely Sad

I hate that people always misunderstood me.

Every time I try to help and accomodate, I get hurt and painted as the unreasonable, heartless bitch.

I know your whole story! I am the one that tried to move things around your situation. I even said take time off today and tomorow and try to settle those things as much as you can and see if you can still make it. And worse case scenario, I get another to take your place, even though its not a very good decision. And rearrange all work delegated. So that, nothing is left undone. So that everything is still running smoothly. Thats why I asked you to let ME know. I am the one arranging everything, from the roatrips to the runnings of marketing department. I have thought 10 steps ahead.

But what did you do? You pulled a 'Halim'. And the fact that you cant go on the trip and putting your family first is not the reason why I am extremely pist off and disappointed with you. It is that I know your whole situation and I am the one who is giving you choices and a helping hand and you then you turn around and tell me that BEN gave you a SOLUTION. What the hell did I gave you? I gave you choices. The only difference, big difference is that Ben gave you the solution that YOU WANT. You didnt trust me enough to know how to handle my work.

To make it even more painful, if you cant come to me, why cant you be fucking professional like you claim and go tell your immediate boss - Rizal? On top of that, we know you personally. We know your family situation. You could have used that. I hate the fact you dont trust us to make the right decision and help you.

I think Rizal's right. I expect too much from people. So, dont worry. Its my fault. I expected too much of you. My bet.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well, what can I say?

I think Rizal said it all beautifully.

All I know is that we have given him a chance to make something for himself and he blew it.

At first I thought this industry is not his cup of tea. But come to think of it, is working hard and striving for the best is not for him? Is working creatively and having free reign to get your work done not for him? And on top of all that, havig 4 cool, out of the box thinking bosses is not good?? And not to mention so much room to move up the corporate ladder.........which I know others would kill to have the opportunity..


I guess you cant help everyone.

The thing is, I have considered him my lil brother. I saw a great potential and wanted to help him to be recognise, even though many told me not to. I thought he was totally misunderstood. I guess i learned the hard way.

I feel so conned. And I am not the only ones. Rizal and my bosses felt that too. They were totally disappointed. For me, he gave up way too soon. I felt he didnt even give his all to make this work for him. And its not that no one helped him. EVERYONE pitched in to help him find his strengths and overcome his weaknesses, everyone except him.

Oh well, your loss. We moved on without a glitch. Alice is doing a fabulous job!

I wish you the best of luck. Please change your 'its everyone else's fault, not mine. I am the victim' attitude. Grow up and face the world like a man. Please use your God given 'equipment' and grow a spine. Because I know women that have more guts than you.

Sayonara, Halim.