Saturday, March 21, 2009

Touch Me...Touch Me! :P

OMG! I cant believe it! I never thought I would own it!

I now own my very own iPod Touch screen!

My beloved hubby bought it for me! He said he loves to make me happy and to see the look on my face when he surprises me with presents. I never demand for these type of things bcoz I think its more of a luxury than necessity. But he said I deserve it. I was teary eyed when he said that. And just thinking about it..... *sighs*.. Thank you , my love.

At first I wasnt able to enjoy my gift straight away because, you see, this is a second hand iPod. That part I really dont mind. I get it cheaper and its still very new - virtually unused. But it doesnt come with a wall charger, just USB cable in order for me to not only charge via PC, but to transfer and organise my iPod. But I always like to have back up of using the socket charger. And anyway, I need to charge it because its battery is less than 10%.

Then I noticed that its not charging when I used the USB cable. So I thought that since my laptop is kinda old, it cannot charge my ipod. So , I went to Digital Mall to buy the socket charger. But that seem not to work as well. By this time, I was worried that the problem was the iPod battery itself. And that would cost a bomb to have it fixed! But before the iPod battery totally KO, I was able to fiddle around with it. So, I know its working but confused that the fact it cant charge.

So, after a few days of frustration, I got to know that there was an Apple store at 1Utama. So, off I went there with Halim and met the tech support. In just a few minutes, he was able to identify the problems that dumbfounded me for few days! Well, he is the expert! D'uh! Hehehheheh...

He said the problem wasnt the iPod battery but the USB cable was faulty. Then I asked why is it that I cant charge using the socket charger that I bought at Digital Mall? After he tested it, he said that the charger was faulty as well. I wasnt happy at all. But it soothes me that the iPod was still under warranty and they will replace the USB cable for free. But it takes up to 5 working days.

Damn it! And I was thinking of using the iPod during my trip to the East Coast next week. I requested that they put a note there that I would like to pick up the cable before my trip. They will try but unable to promise. Fine! I'll just go to Digital Mall straight away and replace the faulty charger. So, off I and Halim go to PJ. We had to double park coz as usual Sec 14 was packed.

When I told the sales guys there what happen, they claim that my iPod was faulty, just because they tested on their store ipod and theirs works! Go figure la! But I stood firm on the fact that my iPod was just fine and verified by Apple tech support! *sighs*

After testing ALL their socket chargers, they tested using the USB adapter charger. Finally that works! But I have to top up more to buy the USB cable coz the adapter doesnt come with it. WTF?? I told them why would I want to buy a cable when my own cable would be replaced by Apple for FREE?! They understood but they start to babble about the extra cost and what not all... OH DEAR GOD!!

I was tired and frustrated and told the guys just return my money back and I will just wait for my freaking cable from Apple. Then, they decided to give me the adapter with the cable for no extra money. I guess they pitied me laa.. OH THANK GOD! (The socket charger was rm58 and the USB adapter charger with usb cable was rm99! Pretty good deal huh? :D)

So, thats what happen. Now, I finally get to fully enjoy my new iPod!

Thank you for those patient souls that helped me like Halim and the sales guys at Digital Mall, but especially for my sayang, for being extra patient with my short tempred nature and impatience! I love you!!