Sunday, March 8, 2009

My 'virgin' experience!

It was my first time.

At first, I was reluctant and lazy to go through it. I am not a morning person!! But after coercion from my loved ones, I succumb. OMG! I am so happy they insisted on me joining them!

I just had my first SUNRISE! Wow! It was the best!

No words is able to do justice of how beautiful it was and how I feel at that time! So, I hope these pictures can give you some idea of how I feel and how gorgeous it was!

Isnt it just simply beautiful??

Even with these excellent photos can never replace the actual picture of this magnificent sunrise. At that moment, everything in this world seem to stop and enjoying this with me. Its as if all the problems of the world seem petty and non existence. Its as if, all that matters is love for one another.

I have never felt so....thankful, content, deliriously happy yet humbled and at awe with God's 'skills' all at the same time! I also felt a tad bit sad as I miss my parents and wished they were here to share this wonderful moment with me. Maybe I can share with Mummy, in the future, but Dad... *sighs*. I miss you Dad, a lot!

My entire experience is complete and made me very happy is that I was able to share it with my best friend, soul sister - Sita and most importantly my bestest friend, soul mate, lover and hubby - Rizal. Love you guys!!

I wouldnt trade this experience for any amount of millions in this world!