Thursday, July 9, 2009

Deja Vu

No, its happening again.

The old wound still hurts and now, this.

I am not sure if I can take it again. Even though its been 6 years, its still fresh in my memory as if it was yesterday.

And the sick part is, its due to almost the same cause.

With heavy heart, I proceed these past 2 days as if it does not effect me. Put up a big smile, laugh... but only God and Rizal knows I am worried sick.

Please God! Do not take him yet. I am selfish! I am not ready for him to leave us. Rizal and I still need him. Even though we are not as close as we would want, but he is still a big factor in our life.

May God Bless your soul and protect you always, Father. I love you.