Saturday, November 1, 2008

Strong Beginings, Promising Near Future.

Unexpected responses.

Overwhelming reactions.

Highly motivated.

These phrases best describes the situation we get from leaders.

Its great, yet bloody scary at the same time! All of this happened in such a short time. And knowing these leaders, they will move fast and strong. There are demands not only from east Malaysia, but international as well.

Will we get to fully support them?

This is a fuckin good headache!

This must be addressed fast, without compromising quality and standards. But I know, with this dynamic team, we will be able to rise to the occasion.

Especially with the Formidable Four! No other top management of a company do what they do. And for that, I am damn proud to be in this company. And I am damn confident with the powerful combination of the 'Masters' (top management) plus professional and efficient 'Soldiers' (support staff), we will be feared and respected by others.

I can foresee a hectic yet very fruitful future, very near future.

May God always bless and protect us towards our path to success!