Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lucky Biatch..

I've got a headache.

A good headache.

I have a got two great offers.

And I have to choose one.

I am not good at deciding between great choices. Usually, I will always find a way to get both. But this time, I can't do that.

I am so torn I get gastric attacks and I can't sleep well at night.

Each offer has its pros and cons.

The first is a new found passion of mine and I'm totally comfortable with the environment. Now just waiting for the come back to my offer. Which if it is agreeable, would be totally cool and would solve my dilemma once and for all!

The other has a totally out of this world benefits and that would be great in the long run, financially. Therefore, I am not cutting it off till I know for sure the first one is no longer on the table.

Now is the sucky part. Waiting.

And guess what? I am not good in that as well!

My 'rock' also feels my pain, even though he finds my flustered disposition amusing. And offer no help by saying 'its up to me'..

I do hope to get this turmoil of mine over and done with it, soon. Before I die of over thinking!

Please God! You know what I really want and preffer. So please open that path for me!