Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beijing - Part 1

My trip to Beijing, China...... No amount of words can fully describe my feelings when arriving at this beautiful country! Its rich with history of thousands of years! It really humbles me and opened my eyes to how young Malaysia is and that we have so much to learn.

And any trip would be even greater when shared with loved ones. I went with my beloved hubby and one of my best friends - Diane. However, my entourage is incomplete because my other bestie/sister cant join us - Alyssa. Next time, no excuses hunn. You are so coming along!

As you know Beijing is not small, so I have to tell my stories in parts. This round, is the most biggest castle in the world....... FORBIDDEN CITY.

In China, nothing is mediocre. Everything is either really big and/or really old as well as extremely beautiful! Now this is just one of the city's extremely huge 'gates'! Talk about first impressions eh?

And almost anywhere you go, you will see some of these guys standing all straight and serious! I really have high respects towards these smart looking men! i can never do what they do!

Yes everywhere we go, we will do silly stuff! Even in Forbidden City! This is me and Diane trying to lift a big ass latch for the big ass door!! hahahaha! You should have seen the looks we get! it was hilarious!

Me posing away at this beautiful bridge. Its handcrafted marble bridge! wow....

Look at this! Isnt this just breathtaking! i got all teary eyed when i first stepped in here. I simply cant believe I am actually here in Forbidden City! *sighs*

Oh, this is that big ass door I was talking about earlier! isnt just big and beautiful?? can i take this home?? hehehe...

Me and dear hubby posing at the Imperial Garden. There are so many beautiful and weird looking trees here and they are all so old! Its so peaceful and so romantic!

This is just one of the many gateways in this huge palace! I simply LOVE the architecture! Absolutely breathtakingly exquisite!

There are many many more pictures! I dont want to flood it all here. Wanna see it, go to my facebook (for those who knows my FB profile).

I am certainly going back to Beijing! I am sure this is one of my favorite cities!

More stories and pictures coming up! Wait for Part 2 of my Beijing trip!

yeah yeah....I AM BACK!

I am baaackk!

Yes it's been awhile since my last blog but been super busy and went through several emotional roller coasters! I was so preoccupied I didn't feel like rambling here or to anyone! Well, now i am ready because all is well and things are moving along nicely for me of late.

A lot has happened - good and bad, as usual. but i cant bitch because as long as i have my soul mate with me, im fine.

Love you more, my love.